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Create Partition in Hard disk

You certainly know the hard drive, the hard drive is a kind of storage device, (for the storage of computer files), and must exist. Well, the hard drive is divided two kinds, external hard drives and internal hard drives. The difference, but it is located, if it is beyond the external and internal if it is in, and it turned out to be the same! But I will not discuss it anymore.

Today, I will tell you how to Create Partition in Hard disk or divided your hard disk space into several partition or section, for example in the image below.

Create Partition in Hard disk

Well, in the picture above, Avatecer (Z :) are my results for / to, the Rio-PC (C :), then you certainly want it? hehehe, just do not make too much, so you do not bother looking – looking for the file. normally yes 2 to 4
As for how to split / mempartisinya, in the following manner: (It is suggested you use a system administrator)

1. Open Windows Explorer, and select the Computer tab and right-click, and select Manage

Create Partition in Hard disk

2. After clicking manage, a pop up will appear,


Create Partition in Hard disk

3. Go to Storage> Disk Management (Local), and then the result will be as shown below.

Create Partition in Hard disk


4. If you’ve done it, you can open

Create Partition in Hard disk

5. Then Right-click the hard drive would be divided, then click shrink volume, then you will wait for the process (rather old, it could be a long time ..)

Create Partition in Hard disk


Total size before shrink in MB: The size of your Harddisk in beginning before you shrink it as a partition

Size of available shrink space in MB : Maximum size that can be used to be shrinked

Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB: Volume of space that you want

Total size after shrink in MB: Volume space (free space), that available after you have chosen the newest size of your new hard disk partition

6. After that, click shrink, then you still have to continue the next step,

Create Partition in Hard disk

Right-click on the unallocated options, and select New Simple Volume .. Next 2 times and this time was no choice Following Assign the drive letter: select up to you, it’ll become like Avatecer (Z :). Then the next, and choose Format This volume with the following settings, choose NTFS under Default, and Volume Label was later named as Avatecer (picture above), next, then finish.
And now you can check  your new partition, it is so easy right?
If confused, could ask on email: ok ..

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